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All Star Comics #1

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All Star Comics #1

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(See also crossover 1999 editions of Adventure Comics, All-American Comics, National Comics, Sensation Comics, Smash Comics, Star-Spangled Comics, Thrilling Comics)

A single issue One-Shot. One of various titles - mostly One-Shots - which included: Adventure Comics #1, All-American Comics #1, National Comics #1, Sensation Comics #1, Smash Comics #1, Star Spangled Comics #1, Thrilling Comics #1. All these 1999 one-shots using Golden Age title names, were a part of DC's revival of the JSA, and are important pre-cursors to the then-upcoming title, JSA.. All Star Comics #1-2 act as bookends to the rest of the crossover One-Shots.

All Star Comics#1 continues to All-American Comics #1. All Star Comics #2 continues from Thrilling Comics #1.


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