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Adventures of Superman (Volume 1) #444

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Adventures of Superman (Volume 1) #444

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The most iconic superhero of them all gained his own title in the Summer of 1939 with the first four stories from Action Comics were collected into one package. The back cover had the first pin-up in comics.

Superman was once the world's best-selling comic book at over a million copies a month at his height in the 1960s. As a back-issue, the character is a steady seller ratherthan anything spectacular. Bronze Age issues from the 1970s and the 100 page giants are ones to watch out for, definitely a market of growing interest and attention.

Right throughout the late 1940s and through the 1950s kids could get their Superman fix from the Australian reprints of Superman but these were older 1940s Golden Age stories. This was the first time that we saw the latest Superman adventures.

Also - Superman annuals started in 1951 right through to the 1960s - a great way of seeing early Superman stories




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