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Action (1st Series) #1

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Action (1st Series) #1

Series Years:

Cover Date:

14 February 1976

On Sale Date:

14 February 1976



Comic Book




United Kingdom

Additional Information

Collector Notes:

This short-lived title achieved national notoriety when it was banned for too much violence and blood in the comic, particularly the Hook Jaw strip based on Steven Spielberg's Jaws. More mature stories with a decidedly anti-authoritarian streak. The last issue of this first series dated 23rd Oct 1976 was withdrawn from sale and is therefore very rare.

The free gift Red Arrow Plane is fairly common though the rubber band is often perished and will snap if stretched.

The Hook-Jaw transfer from issue #2 is scarcer.

36 un-numbered issues

23rd Oct 1976 was not distributed


Bronze Age



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