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Comichaus Review: The Hammer Vol1 #1


"If fate put a weapon of Norse legend in your hand, what would you do?"

Writer Simon Squires is joined by artist/letterer Kieron Squires & colourist Charlie Hogg to bring us the story of John Osmond as his dream of owning a coffee shop and living the high life lies in tatters after a downward spiral of debt during the financial crisis that rocked the world.  His BIG idea to get around this is a loan shark and with some more bad luck he finds himself locked in the trunk of a car heading to god knows where. 


Now this could have ended up being another throw-away tale of a central character going through a tough time but battling on through adversary......however, with the added element of Norse Gods & their powers alongside the local gangland bosses closing in around him.......it actually ends up being a fully-charged (pun intended) mix of ideas.  The shadowy villain hinted at gives a glimpse of things getting even more complicated but with the stakes getting higher that's not entirely surprising.

Kieron's art manages to capture the mix of the mundane & the mystical with relative ease by keeping things as simple as possible but it's the work with the panel layouts that helps pack a real punch behind every page.  That's bolstered with Charlies colours as he keeps the tones muted for the flashbacks and much bolder when the power of the gods hit their stride.

A strong opening issue of The Hammer from a strong team that manages to pique the interest enough to make you want to jump on-board the rest of the 4-issue series.

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