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Comichaus Review: The Fragment! #1


"Retro 28 page Spy Adventure.

After serving Britain in the Second World War, Thomas Locke was recruited by the British Secret Service. It was only then they found Locke had some 'Issues'.

With another war hanging in the balance, Can MI6 trust their most mysterious secret agent?"

Creator Adam Falp brings us a story of spies, espionage & double-crosses in the first of his The Fragment releases as Thomas Locke is handed his latest mission to keep Britain & the world safe.  His willingness to do his job is unflinching and he's soon whisked away to the other end of the world to bring some British prisoners home to where they belong while trying to keep the volatile balance of power from triggering another war. 

/media/blog/library/fragment---interior.jpgThomas seems more than a little unhinged but there's no denying his abilities to make a difference and in the hands of Adam the retro 1950's visuals hammer home a simple but extremely stylised world for the story to play out.  There's an unsettling start & end to the story that bookends a slick spy tale but they highlight the depth that Adam has figured out for the character.  This takes it away from feeling like a James Bond clone and into a much fresher territory with a ton of possibilities behind it.

Adam is joined by Mike Stock on lettering to keep the narrative & dialogue in check and that keeps a strong flow to the story from the very beginning.  In the end The Fragment feels like a smart place to start and keeping this as a one-shot keeps the options open for either finishing there or throwing another mission out for Thomas to take on in the future.  A cracking retro ride to get caught up in and a sure-fire indication of just how good Adam Falp is at creating damn fine comics. 

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