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Comichaus Review: The Devil in Disguise - Volume 1



"Collecting issues #1 to #4 of the superhero comic you didn't know you wanted.  On a deserted train, do-gooder, Nate gets mixed up with a cult who plan to quite literally raise the devil. "

Matt Garvey brings us a four-part adventure where central character Nate is the reluctant element from the very beginning and as the plans from a cult to bring the ultimate evil to the world unravel before them, he realises doesn't really have much choice in the matter.  Swept up into a world of the unknown as the two sides of the Devil come into view it's the newly possessed Nate that sees the voices in his head take control and as the powers of evil nestle in the shadows he finds a new purpose where his dual personality can thrive.


Cue a transformation into an all-new vigilante that has a hint of Moon Knight about him but is firmly connected to an indie comic world where things are much grittier and with a sense of freedom that makes sure the risks he has to face feel as life-threatening as they possible could be.  The back n forth between Nate & the dark side possessing him has an air of 'The Odd Couple' to it and it's an infectious route to take as the subtlety between them develops naturally through the most unnatural events.

The cult hatches some new plans and our anti-hero's predicament sees a face-off on the horizon that could make or break this new partnership or the world itself.....but that's all part of the excitement and it's captured amazingly well in the orange-hued art from Robert Ahmad.  He captures the dark & sinister elements amazingly well and manages to pepper that a suitably lighter vibe on those moments of humour that help them hit the spots perfectly.

All in all this ends up being another slick release from Matt as he escapes from hitting some of the cliched hero tropes by balancing it off with a dark undercurrent that keeps this feeling unique.  The weaving plot is well-paced and the injection of humour between the two sides of our main protagonist gives each scene an instant feeling of meaning that contributes to the overall plot.  Dark & visceral in places but then that's to be expected when the Devil himself is in attendance and I'm glad to see that it's finished in a way that could be both and end AND a beginning.  That collected edition also has an impressive cover John McCrea too.....glorious stuff all round.

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