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Comichaus Review: Sugarcane #0



"London, England; a future. Nature has made refugees of vast swathes of the population and the capital has proved their abiding, awful, and essential salvation.

Sugarcane: Prologue opens a fateful book on a consequential future of our present."

Kev Couling introduces us to his unique creation with a prologue that's short on page-count but brimming over with ideas.  In a UK that's been ravaged by the consequences of climate change & an overwhelming population, it's a combination of Church & Government that offers the solution to all their ills with food, shelter & security on offer alongside a heaped helping of God & salvation. 

The sliver of resources available to them represents a new found source of hope.....and it's just enough to trigger the beginning of a recovery but the titular sugarcane crop has a much bigger part to play if there's any chance of a long-term survival.  Shortly after we're brought up to speed we're thown into what life is like in a typical world of the haves & the have-nots but this is all the beginning of something big. 


The prose opening from Kev is a great way to ease us into his creation and while the art-style caught me off-guard, I quickly warmed to the feel of the whole story.  A grim, dystopian world is hardly a new thing to create but the execution here and the ability to surprise is something that he's been able to tap into in just the right way.  A slick introduction, a quirky but effective art-style and an injection of intrigue from the off, leaves me feeling like this was a smart way to show-off the combination of writing & art that makes Sugarcane stand out in a sea of indie books.  REALLY hoping to see more of this soon and Kev Couling is a name I'll now be looking out for. 

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