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Comichaus Review: Soma: Eden Vol 1


"A spaceship seeding Goldilocks planets uses a new android advisor called SOMA to teach each new set of colonists. This new SOMA is a replacement, her programming unfinished. She bonds with a human child who will grow to become the colony Commander. It is time to let this surrogate son leave to be his own man but this new world seems too good to be true. Can she let him go?"

This sci-fi one-shot takes the typical idea of human colonisation throughout the galaxy and gives it an extra layer to make you think.  The premise of an AI being deployed to get the humans aboard the ship up to speed and prepare them for everyday life while trying to survive on a new world that brings with it a sea of BIG questions.  Rather than get too bogged down with the finer details, things are allowed to evolve alongside the plans themselves and with everything seemingly going awry there's the extra question of just how adaptable their long-term plans are.

It feels like there is some deeper meaning in this latest quest to settle in a new world and as SOMA begins to go through the process of letting go of the humans she has prepared to survive......there's something else holding her back amid the chaos that ensues. 


Ray Roche creates, writes & letters this one so it's fair to say he's all-in with getting this story out there but he does just as much for this story by holding back on trying to fill it up too much with dialogue or narration and just letting the events unfold.  At a time where I see alot of stories being overwritten, it was refreshing to experience a book where the art is given room to breathe.  Michael Arbuthnot provides that art and it captures a great mix of chaotic energy as the world seems to be coming to an end but manages to capture the deeper meaning in among that as well.  A subtle combination but that ends up paying off big time as this self-contained story erupts into life and then flows through to it's finale.  Shout out to Fiona Boniwell on that cover too as it really captures the essence of Soma the character AND Soma the comic - great stuff. 

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