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Comichaus Review: Pre-Mortis #1


"Two tales of modern horrors, set in the here and now.
- Punch the Puppy.
- Our Lies that Bind."

Under the Art Ninetwo comics banner Damian & Helena kick-off their foray into the world of indie comics with a slice of horror where they both write & draw their own takes on modern-day horror. 

Punch The Puppy

Helena's self-contained tale sees the every-day mundane lives of a couple who are trying their best to steer clear of the corporate world and all it's trappings.  Their resolve is evident but the faceless force of falling into line sees a grim and gradual change in their psyche's and the fallout from that has to be seen to be believed.  I'm sure there's elements of this that are familiar to us all to some extent but if anything that's why it works so well and the panel layouts being firmly in the faces of the main characters adds an extra level of discomfort that subtly hammers home the horror being played out.  An edgy & claustrophobic combo of writing with detailed art that adds the level of realism that leaves you squirming on the spot.

/media/blog/library/pm---punch-the-puppy.jpgThe Lies That Bind

The second story in this issue sees Damian introduce Jen, a female protagonist that finds herself in familiar surroundings but with horrific yet equally familiar figures closing in on her.  As her past comes back to haunt her she finds herself tied up in a cafe that acts as the only scene in the book and a natural look to her is contrasted well with the horrific form of her attackers.  There's a brief interlude to get us up to speed on just how screwed up the world has become and this hints at the horrors on show here are the tip of the iceberg.  There's more gruesome elements to come and that's only made all the worse with an unexpected but exciting "to be continued" to hit us on the last page.

/media/blog/library/pm---our-lies-that-bind.jpgThis feels like a slick one-two combination of stories as two creators flex their creative muscles on both art & writing duties.  Very different in content but with a common approach to making the reader feel suitably unsettled by horror that manages to pack a punch in both visual & psychological horror.  Here's hoping we see more of this soon. 

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