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Comichaus Review: New York City Gallows: Sinking #1


"Corruption and organised crime is at an all time high, eating away at what's left of the Big Rotten Apple, and Detective Cassie Delaney has just uncovered the truth.

Cass and her partner Det. Eric Keene are hot on the trail of New York's illusive and savage vigilante, "The Hangman", but Cass is about to learn that some leads come at a cost and shouldn't be followed as she finds herself at the Hangman's mercy."

Ben Cook brings us his story of New York City Detective Cassie Delaney and her partner Eric Keens as they spiral into the latest case that sees them caught between the crime gangs of NYC and a relentless vigilante called 'The Hangman' that's trying to clear things up using his own methods.  The seedy underbelly of the city in all it's forms is there from the beginning and with corruption, deadlines, pressures & bodies all weighing on the force as a whole the two central Detectives on the case seem to take the brunt of that.


Justice is the biggest concern for Cass & Eric and just when things seem to be getting closer to some sort of resolution they find another hurdle in their way.....although that doesn't deter them.  The strong female lead is a powerful force to be reckoned with and as things edge towards the end of this opening issue it's clear that there's nothing holding back the threats that are around her.  Things escalate quickly for her and we close out this first issue with a whirlwind of elements that ensure that next issue can't come quick enough.

It's been a while since I've become SOOO swept up in a story from the very beginning but the tight script from Ben and the pacing makes this a difficult one to let go of.  With that being backed up by Robert Ahmad's art and the colours from A.H.G it's then given an extra layer of interest as the glowing lights of a garish city gets all grubby with the criminal scum that inhabit it.  Facing those off against a vigilante and a police force that are at odds themselves may not be a new dimension, but in the context of this story combined with the fact that it's being driven from the perspective of solving a case it feels like a real surprise package.  That creative team is finished off with DC Hopkins on letters who has a ton of dialogue to work with and Charles Gillespie on the cover and it all seems to fit together as well as any mainstream book out there.

Gritty, realistic and with a ton of energy brought to it with Cass as the lead, it's quickly clear that this is a title that I can't wait to see more of.

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