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Comichaus Review: Legacy #1


"A normal kid named Phil's life is suddenly changed forever when his father is murdered right in front of him. He will soon learn of a dark future where a dictatorial regime has taken over and it's his destiny to stop it. But it's not as easy as he thinks as he'll soon learn his family's origins."

Creators Scott Snyder & Phillip Hutnick-Kenenitz have had Legacy in mind for a while but Scott has taken the bull by the horns for his passion project to get it out there and this prologue issue sets out exactly what he has in mind.  An unexpected visit at Phil's home ends up with him seeing his father killed and that triggers a whole series of events that begins to show him that the family he thought he knew is much more complicated than he could have ever expected.

/media/blog/library/legacy-1---interior.pngA hint of time-travel and some BIG revelations later and Phil's place in the world and significance within it hit him like a slap of realization.  The story from Scott feels like much more than a prologue given the page-count which makes this feel like a series that could grow from this detailed intro.  Some of the plot points are a bit on the nose in places but those rough edges are smoothed out by the time the last pages come around.

Kelly P Chandra's art & Tyler Ochart's colouring are a glorious combo that adds real depth and energy to the events unfolding before us, so the momentum from the beginning feels very natural.  The present & future blend well and the facial expressions are on point for hammering home all the surprises that are coming the way of Phil & the reader.  Scott picks up lettering duties and while there's a few sections that seem to run together, that's also something that improves over the course of the opener with an increasing amount of dialogue & narrative to manage.

This feels like it firmly belongs in the "one to watch" category as the whole team are working exceptionally well together.  Frantic, futuristic but fun, is a slick combo to pull off........and they've nailed it with this prologue issue.  Hoping to see more of this soon. 

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