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Comichaus Review: Hopper! Detective of the Strange #1


"Hopper! Detective of the Strange is set in the 1940's. Hopper's not your ordinary detective. Specializing in the strange and unexplained. He believes that there is a rational explanation for everything, but lately, the cases have revealed that the supernatural, mythical and magical is real. Now he tries to bring those, who use the supernatural for criminal means, to justice."

Rob Barnes brings us rabbit Detective in the first (but hopefully not the last) of his curious cases released through Fair Spark Books.  A nightime robbery at the city bank sees the beginnings of what could be an open & shut case for the cities police but the added element of Mummies being involved calls for the detecting skills of the titular Hopper.  Cue the twists & turns of investigation and he's soon travelling across the city interviewing witnesses, suspects & experts to piece together the puzzle of what happened and who was behind it.


There's a lot of narration & dialogue as you'd expect for a story about Hopper's investigation but when it's contrasted against Rob's artwork it all fits together in a solid all-ages package.  The plot hits the marks it needs to and maintains a slick momentum from the very beginning and it almost feels like we're tagging along with Hopper as he goes with the way the panels are laid out.  The whole cast of characters are brilliant though and it's a key example of how an all-ages book can be put togethe to appeal to everyone.

A single creator on the project could well be the glue that keeps everything together on this one but with the details unfolding before us, particular in the last few pages, it's clear that there's potential for many more cases for Hopper to tackle.  Rob's got a stunning book on his hands here and as an introduction to your new favourite rabbit detective.....you can't really go wrong with Hopper. 

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