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Comichaus Review: Here and There



"Eric Jacobs is a damaged man. With his body in a coma, he unwittingly ekes out an existence in an inescapable dream-state where he's hunted by wave after wave of monstrous creatures. But with a cryptic message from 'the outside', Eric's time is starting to run out..."

Writer Chris Sides has continued to impress with each of his titles and his most recent release, Here and There, was always going to be one worth looking out for.  Central character Eric Jacobs is instantly identified as a troubled individual but the pursuit of food & shelter gets an added element of risk with the monstrous figures pursuing him and his companion.


His company on his journey comes & goes at the hands of those monsters but his mind itself is called into question when the dreams he has start to blur with the messed up reality around him.  The panic becomes tangible in the hands of Chris Sides as he weaves yet another sinister plot with twists & turns that drag us along with the main protagonist as he stumbles his way through his predicament.  Chris almost teases poor Eric with ever turn of the page and as he tightens the screw he ends up pulling the rug from under him and us with the final reveal of what's really happening to him.

Chris is joined on this title with artist Adam Jakes & colourist Aljosa Tomic who combine amazingly well to give a visceral edge to the world closing in on Eric.  The detail is just right on every page and the dark & light balances out to give a slick split between good & evil.  Rounding off the team is Ken Reynolds on lettering (& editing) and he adds his typically deft touch in keeping an edgy and almost panicked feel to the narration & dialogue.  The creative team is in sync and the overall result is yet another step-up for the titles Chris is producing as they continue an upward trajectory with a sublime mix of engaging & surprising. 

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