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Comichaus Review: Hello to Jason Isaacs

/media/blog/library/htji.jpg"A 12 hour mini comic about a fans pondering on the possibility of having the chance to say "Hello To Jason Isaacs"......."

Stuart Mulrain takes a simple idea from geek cultural, in this case meeting a recognizable celebrity, and turns it into a tour de force of fan culture.  The premise of saying hello to Jason Isaacs in the title is the spark for delving inside Stuart's head and with that we get a look at the obsessions that can grow from the seeds of being a fan. 


It's a short comic with big ideas and it's only down to Stuart's absolute commitment to the cause that this works on more levels than it has any right in doing.  It's funny & cringeworthy but ultimately captivating in the strange ideas he puts out there but far more for the fact that those strange ideas make sense.  The success of this could all be down to the fact that "geek culture" is a beast in it's own right but the commonalities we all share among a broad spectrum of interests makes this something particualrly special.......so much so that I'm now keeping an eye out for Jason Isaac as a guest at any events I'm going to. 

You can read Hello to Jason Isaacs on the Comichaus App now, or find out more over on the Comichaus Marketplace



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