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Comichaus Review: Gallant & Amos Collected Adventures #1



"Meet Gallant and Amos, two friends travelling across a medieval world and stumbling into incredible adventures! Oh, and did we mention, one is a knight and the other a dragon?

In this collected volume of their first year of published adventures, the duo faces off against a sentient snowman, then find themselves recruited by Manda, one of the King’s cartographers. Embarking on a quest to vanquish the great evil on the Isle of Bor, our heroes must overcome testing traps, mighty monsters, and Amos’ insatiable appetite! "

This four issue collection from Fair Sparks Books sees creator Rob Barnes introduce us to our titular Gallant the knight & Amos the dragon with a two-story intro filled with snow & space before sweeping us along into their first world-spanning adventure.  A quest where an unseen evil watches them from the shadows as they traverse sea & sand to save the day and find a burrito......and all while trying their best to navigate the village misfits they meet along the way. 

Thankfully they're not alone in their quest as their guide Manda tries her best to keep them on the straight & narrow while keeping them focused on getting hold of whatever they'll need to tackle the evils she expects them to face.  This core team seems to find just the right solution to the problems they face and it's hard not to be on-board with their trials from the very beginning.


It's a series filled with slapstick, sight-gags & sorcery in equal measure but the central duo bounce off each other so well that their familiarity with each other gives a friendship that represents the beating heart of an all-ages book that does in fact appeal to all.  There are similarities with the likes of Asterix both in approach and even the art style but the knight/dragon combo gives it much more of an odd couple vibe the kicks off the momentum that the story is able to feed off of.

The 2 short stories in the first issue and the short story at the end are a slick way to bookend their lengthier journey but it all combines to breath life & fire into a story that has the potential to run & run.  The collected edition in particular, has some great early sketches of the characters in the book and that really drives home just how much of a world there is on offer.  That world building theme is emphasized even further with the maps that split up each part of the journey and the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Realm" facts that are thrown in so you can learn a bit more of that world outside the story that unfolding for the two main characters.

Fun, well thought & paced and with art that manages to evoke a stirring sense of nostalgia while being firmly fresh...this feels like the whole package and with a 5th issue out & more on the way.......it's a great time to jump on-board. 

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