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Comichaus Meets: Umar Ditta

Today we meet creator & writer, Umar Ditta.


(Umar on the left)

Please introduce yourself and your team (if you have one).

I'm Umar Ditta. I am a comic book writer and marketer. I've been writing short comics for anthologies since around 2012. My first creator-owned comic book is Untethered - which is currently at issue 2.

What are some of the comics that inspired you to start creating your own? Any creators in particular?

When I was a kid, I loved reading the comics you get at shops like WH Smith and John Menzies (remember them!?) for like a quid. Sonic the Comic and the British reprints of Marvel and DC Comics was my gateway into comics. But I really got back into comics in my college/uni years (disposable income from part time jobs FTW!), I discovered the work of Andy Diggle, Kieron Gillen and Antony Johnston. The Losers, Phonogram and The Coldest City were books that really opened my eye up to who diverse the comic book medium can be. These guys were a massive inspiration to me in the early days and they still are. But, there are loads of other awesome writers that are working right now I am just in awe of: Matthew Rosenberg, Ram V, Alex Paknadel, Dan Watters, Ryan Lindsay, John Lees, Fraser Campbell - I could go on for ages here! 

How much of your own personality goes into your character(s)?

I think, whether I intend to or not, there's some of my DNA of myself in my characters. I can be a sarcastic, dry sod sometimes and you can almost guarantee that there will be at least one character in my script who will embody that. But I also like to go out of my comfort zone and try to write a character that I may not share the personality with but I can rely on my own experiences and empathy that I can deliver something hopefully authentic and worth reading.  

Where did you draw your inspiration from?

From everything from comics to music. Music, instrumental music in particular, is something that I like to use to get myself into the mood when I'm writing. For example, I can't count the times I've listened to the 17 minutes and 30 seconds extended version of Elegia when scripting! 

What struggles have you faced with the creation of ….. and producing the final release?

There are so many factors that can stop me from finishing a project. But what I try to do is keep about 2 or 3 projects on the go at the same time so that when one project is slowing down - I can just change tact and work on another project until the other one has caught up. In short, just keep plugging away and something will come out of it and if you're lucky you'll be happy with it. If you're really lucky other people will like it as well. 

What do fans need to know going into their first issue of your comic?

Don't really know. Hopefully they'll enjoy it?  

What have you got coming up in the future? Are you working on more issues?

Well, I've got Untethered #3 Kickstarter later on this year. Untethered is done by Elliot Balson, Mike Maynard, Rob Jones and myself, issues one and two are on Comichaus. It's basically the story about what would happen when someone drinks the contents of a djinni's bottle. I've also got a few things in the pipe line: "The Early Knights Cavalry" - a fantasy webcomic that I am working on with Jon Scrivens. As well as a dark crime thriller called "Lad" - with the amazing Hugo Boylan editing the script and making sure we get the idea on point before we lock down on an artist. Finally, I have "Let Them Fight!" with the amazing Ahmed Rafaat. The plot of which is essentially Jerry Maguire meets Pacific Rim.

So yeah, if everything goes to plan, this year should be pretty busy!

You can read Umar's titles over on the Comichaus App now, or purchase a print copy from the Comichaus Marketplace by clicking on the cover images below.


FutureQuake  #26
Untethered  #1
Untethered  #2

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