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Comichaus Meets: Stu Perrins

Today we meet creator & writer, Stu Perrins!


Please introduce yourself and your team (if you have one).

My name is Stu Perrins, I am a British Comic Awards nominated writer from the UK and I am the writer and co-creator of Megatomic Battle Rabbit, Clockwork Inc and Whatever happened to the Archetype?. 

What are some of the comics that inspired you to start creating your own? Any creators in particular?

The first comics I can remember avidly reading were The Beano and The Dandy, I still have and I guess, always will have a soft spot for those comics, I just wish there was stuff like that about for younger readers. Then when I was about 9 – 10 I really started getting into stuff like 2000ad and Oink! Which inspired be to create my first comic, which was called 'Cyborg Squad' with was
the sort of Time travelling Transformers rip off only a 10 year old kid could write. 

How much of your own personality goes into your character(s)?

Depends really, for example, Dexter, who is one of the central characters in Megatomic Battle Rabbit, is very much based on 12 year old me. When I wasn't watching stuff like ET, Back and to the Future and The Goonies, I was desperately wishing that'd I'd one day get dragged in a fantastical adventure like the guys in those movies did.

Where did you draw your inspiration from?

Again, it varies Whatever happened to the Archetype?, which I wrote for Insane Comics a few years back was directly influenced by discovering that when my Grandad was a young man, he was part of a motorcycle stunt team. I found this out the day after he pasted away and I still have no idea why he never told, because I would've loved to hear about that stuff first hand. But that got me
thinking 'Why am I shocked by this? He wasn't always a Grandfather.' and that thought process was the seed of what became 'Whatever happened to the Archetype?'

What struggles have you faced with the creation of, and producing, the final release?

On the whole I've been very lucky with the people I've worked with, whether they be an artist or publisher, I've worked with some incredible people. I genuinely hope to work with my Megatomic Battle Rabbit cohort, Israel Huertas until my dying day, or at least until the big 2 snap him up, because that's only a matter of time 'til that happens.

What do fans need to know going into their first issue of your comic?

As little as possible! That may sound like a strange answer but I want people to go into the stories I write completely blind. I want the reader to not just to witness these crazy insane adventures, but to feel like they are there, in the thick of it.

What have you got coming up in the future? Are you working on more issues?

I've got a ton of exciting stuff on the horizon, including the conclusion of Megatomic Battle Rabbit, a creepy Terry Gilliam inspired re-telling of Alice in Wonderland, and a 'What would happen if Audrey Hepburn was a steam punk James Bond' spy adventure. I've also got a one shot strip called 'The Everlasting' , which is to appear in a forthcoming issue of the ComicHaus anthology. Busy and exciting times!

You can read Stu's titles over on the Comichaus App now, or purchase a print copy from the Comichaus Marketplace by clicking on the cover images below.


Megatomic Battle Rabbit  #1
Megatomic Battle Rabbit  #2
Whatever Happened To The Archetype?  #1

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